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    • last call at Circle K...anybody want
      A real President with real cojones would fire virtually everyone in the DEA and FBI. I mean just gut both agencies. Just leave skeleton crews. Then tell Congress to fuck off. Now try and enforce your stupid fucking Laws on a Federal Level.
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    • Japanotards: How do you say SUSHI in Japanese?

      That's basically "sushi" written 3 times. The first one (すし) is phonetic and just describes the sounds. The second (寿司) is the most conventional spelling of the word using kanji. The final (鮨) is a single kanji that also means "sushi" but is not used as often as the compound version - you do see it the form sushiya (鮨や) to refer to a place that sells sushi.

      There are some other uncommon forms like 寿し which uses the first character of the kanji compound form but then writes the shi part in kana.

      Yeah, it's confusing, but that's mostly unfamiliarity - there are multiple ways to express the same idea in English too.
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    • >> 07/21/2017 03:28 AM : .
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    • fuck women in LA
      Page: 2

      Gruntled rarely VERY rarely posts outside the parameters of the Gruntled moniker. I did post as a dot around 16-months ago when I posted as Gruntled then responded to myself to make fun of my post. Prior to that I did the same once or twice but that was boring. There are enough dots and Dregs to lambaste me with many in a more comical manner than I could hope to attain so I just post with the Gruntled banner proudly non-waving adjacent to my magnificent assemblage of words.

      Next... "Clubbing"??? Fuck that shit. Didn't do it in my youth and sure the fuck ain't gonna' do it now. Quality broads are everywhere with the lowest quality dames hanging out in bars/clubs/lounges/dives/etc. Fuck that shit.

      Last... bitches are never allowed to steer the course I am set upon. Any that do will see my prop wash as I alter course either hard aport or to starboard as I remove myself from the vile presence.

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    • >> 07/21/2017 02:27 AM : .
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    • Dr. William L Pierce speaks of the destiny of Caucasian peoples and race realism
      You can mock me and call me a jew all you want but that does not make my words any less true.

      What has this Pierce accomplished in his whole life? If anything the USA is a lot more nonwhite with a lot more whites racemixing now compared to when Pierce was a young man and had just started his "career" as a white supremacist.

      I've read Turner Diaries and Hunter. Both are the most comical unrealistic childish novels I've read and neither have come true. Pierce has left behind a legacy of failure.
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      State Police commissioner accused of fixing tickets, threatening trooper:

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