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    • Man arraigned in officer's death.. great pic at article

      Watch that video, and listen to those fucking traitors complain that the murderous spic has been "dehumanized"

      Especially listen to that insect cunt say things like, "Whatever he's done, whatever he's been charged with, the mask is dehumanizing."

      We should put her in a cell with him for an hour. This spic piece of shit murdered two people - the cops should have just beat him to death and saved the community the trouble, then set his mom's house on fire to send a message to the spic community.
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    • My Girlfriend farted while we were kissing should i've farted back?
      yesterday i was kissing my gf and 10 seconds after she started farting

      and she did not announce that so i absorbed the entire smell into my mouth/nose

      it had the smell of rotten eggs mixed with sh1t(we came back from taco bell)

      i felt very angry(i wanted to shove my hand up my ass and fart on my hand so i could let her smell my farts but it just wouldnt come out)

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    • >> 03/29/2017 09:15 PM : .
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    • Just doing the jobs that Americans wont -

      By pleading guilty, Baltazar-Ramirez admitted that on Friday, February 10, 2017, he forcibly assaulted a federal officer and employee of the United States who was engaged in the performance of his official duties. As a result of the intentional assault, the federal deportation officer suffered bodily injury.
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    • >> 03/29/2017 09:05 PM : .
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    • How difficult is to use a chainsaw ?
      JUst buy an electric if you don't have 10 foot rounds to slice up, otherwise not bad, 2 stroke gas and oil mix in tank, add bar oil, primbe, pull *RUNUNUNUNZZZAAAZAAAZAAZAAAA* go cut stuff :shrug:
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    • >> 03/29/2017 08:41 PM : .
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    • FBI can't hire enough good hackers because most smoke weed
      The DEA claims that synthetic THC is safer than the natural stuff in regular marijuana

      Read more:

      Just like plastic and oil outlawed grow your own rope, now these :evil: fuckers want to say the same thing about a buzz.
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