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    • My Dream Woman...

      low self esteemed left handed,and can lump a load off my JB HUNT enterprise [tm] truck buff my nuts and throw out the garbage from back of the sleeper she's speachless so the only sound i ever hear is "MMMNNN UUGGGHH MMEEEMU"
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    • Terror attack in the UK 19 dead
      British police say 19 dead, 50 injured in Manchester 'terrorist incident'


      MANCHESTER, England, May 22 (Reuters) - A blast on Monday night at a concert in the English city of Manchester where U.S. singer Ariana Grande had been performing left at least 19 people dead and about 50 injured in what British police said was being treated as a terrorist incident.

      Police said they were responding to reports of an explosion and that there were a number of confirmed fatalities and others injured at the arena, which has a capacity for 21,000 people.

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    • "Jeff" adds absolutely nothing to the cast of "American Dad"

      Just get rid of him. His personality does't successfully contrast with Hailey's, she was better off when she was dating Bullock, and the fucking Koala. It at least added some variety and tension in the subplot.

      He's just an annoyance. NOt funny, not interesting, and extremely one dimensional.

      the rest of the characters are fine, but, Jeff needs to have his role significantly reduced. He's not a good husband. Probably one of the better episodes he was in was when he hung out with Steve, and that would be a good dynamic. The pothead hanging out with the nerdy kids. That has TONS of situations you can draw on, rather than just being around Hailey.
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