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    • Why is the govt involved in health insurance? if Obamacare has failed let it everybody can go to a private insurer and buy insur
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      The auto insurance analogy is kind of interesting. During my daughter's sophomore year of HS she needed a physical to play sports. Made an appointment through the network, dotting the i's and crossing the t's. A year later after fucking with the insurance company and the medical provider dozens of times, I pay the entire bill to keep from being sued - I understand that they are way way better at that part of the game than I am.

      That same year the daughter got in an automobile crash with two of her friends in the car. Three rides to the emergency room, three emergency room visits and two weeks of outpatient treatment for my daughter who was the only one moderately injured. It took two phone calls to the insurance company to get all the bills paid.
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    • Justthink hwo 3rd world the US would look if not for people going into debt .
      Neither my wife nor I have credit cards. She has an 8 year old Toyota in pristine, well-maintained shape. I have a 3 year old Camry, also immaculate. Both were bought used and with cash which we saved while driving our horrible Mexican-American cars into the ground. We have an emergency fund of $18k cash. We have a repairs fund of $3k cash for small repairs. We learned. Anyone can learn.
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    • >> 06/24/2017 11:29 AM : .
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    • Democratic Support Is Rising

      Yes it is.

      Socialism is a rest stop on the road to Communism. Government, like a tumor, grows and grows and grows...at the expense of surrounding healthy tissue until it corrupts the functioning of former organs and misuses resources until it kills its host.

      This has happened in every single nation that has gone down this path since 1917, from Russia to China to Eastern Europe to Venezuela and Cuba. It is truly remarkable that despite the vastly different cultures and races and histories of the people's that have tried this philosophy, the end results have ALWAYS been the same.

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    • Alex Linder says -Cops are scarcely better than niggers.
      Some may wonder: Why are top level leaders [Satanic minions] of Western Civilization, from pope on down, deliberately sabotaging/destroying Western Civilization ?

      It's because you have to break eggs to make an omelet.

      The NWOrder/world government is the "omelet" that is being made,

      and ALL "sovereign" nations are the "eggs" that must be broken to make it.

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  • curbstompX
    • Whatever happened to Pat Benatar?
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      He almost lost his leg from being passed out on an alcoholic bender. His people were smart enough to prop him on his side in case he barfed, but they left him in that position for 48 hours, the circulation was totally cut off in his leg.

      That made him go to AA. I hope he's not drinking again :sadwave:
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  • Bloomberg BoiX
    • Putting off an important task because of the discomfort it evokes.
      Not taking advantage of an important opportunity due to attempts to avoid worries of failure or disappointment.

      Not engaging in physical activity/exercise, meaningful hobbies, or other recreational activities due to the effort they demand.

      Avoiding social gatherings or interactions with others because of the anxiety and negative thoughts they evoke.

      Not being a full participant in social gatherings due to attempts to regulate anxiety relating to how others are perceiving you.

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  • I Am Not Your NegroX