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    • Jimmy Page is BETTER than David Gilmour

      To be fair, he made the riffs his own. Songs like Travelling Riverside Blues, Bring It On Home, Nobody's Fault But Mine, full of great original guitar playing, a great producer, too. Besides being the coolest rockstar of all time. And yes, that counts.
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  • archies love childX
    • Black people are fucking stupid... stupid fucking apes. Fuck them all.
      Imagine if you will, a crazy cracker who pulled a D.C. SNIPER type operation in and around a major city...

      Laying in wait in a vehicle with a suppressed rifle, snuffing random male street noggs, sittin on hoods and standin at street corners.

      Now imagine if there were more than one, in several cities...
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    • Ever fuck another man's girlfriend?
      OP here-

      So here's the deal. The girl is a disabled veteran (only in for 4 years, never deployed). She's getting a fat check from the govt for something silly (probably depression). So she's a cute blonde chick with a nice rack and blue eyes. Very in shape. She lives with her boyfriend, also "disabled" veteran. Both are milking the system clearly. But he works at the PX (local store for service members). She doesn't have a job she's just a "gamer." 24 years old.

      Now before you rant at me- I'm a vet too, but I got out and didn't do the whole "disability thing." I was an officer and I'm thinking of enacting to officer on enlisted fantasies.
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