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    • Tesla: thanks for the billions, see ya ! Moving manufacturing to China.
      This isn't news though - Tesla have been discussing this for a couple of years. The other factor that the original article misses is that the Chinese have some fairly large incentives for "new energy vehicles" - some of them are currently available to Tesla (like the subsidies on the sale price), but others are not (like the tax credit on EV manufacture) - but would be if they were making their cars in China.

      It's also worth pointing out that the EV market in China is quite crowded - pretty much all the Chinese car makers of any significant size are already making EVs and they typically sell at the same sort of prices as the same makers mid-range cars. They typically don't sell that well, not least because if you think finding a charger in the US is difficult, then just try finding one in China.
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    • LOL libbie media (10/24/16): "Donald Trump's chances of winning are approaching zero"



      We simulated a Nov. 8 election 10 million times using our state-by-state averages. In 9.8 million simulations, Hillary Clinton ended up with at least 270 electoral votes. Therefore, we say Clinton has a 98.0 percent chance of becoming president.
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