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    • Kill the Whales
      There's probably countries where this is legal like Japan or N. Korea. My idea is we threaten to kill all the libfags favorite animals and pollute the whole planet if they don't stop killing white people and turning our kids into fags. It'll be like the white Samson option. The Jew is genociding us. The only thing we can do is kill our enemies back by destroying their whole fucking environment.
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  • John from CanadaX
    • Job networking for introverts
      How do you guys do it? LinkedIn any good?

      Or should I just give up and go apply at Walmart?

      I reached out on Facebook to the others in my field and was told to knock it off. Not really sure where to turn.
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    • >> 03/30/2017 02:32 AM : .
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    • Science tards: Explain how rainbows maneuver.
      Someone here must have a decent understanding of physics and how rainbows travel. And how they became weaponized.

      Now that rainbows have been empirically authenticated as legitimate and are no longer mired in the sad realm of folklore with Sasquatches and Leprechauns, many questions arise as to exactly how fearful should we be of them. Do they vibrate like a struck guitar string as they proceed? Or is their behavior more like inter-twined light waves? Tangled like Saturn's rings. What is it that makes rainbows restlessly oscillate so? How do they travel exactly? And, given that rainbows travel in what has now been identified as premeditated paths, what drives these noxious prisms and how can we protect ourselves from them when they inevitably develop ideologies conflicting with our own?

      How conscious of its ability to move is the average rainbow anyway? Refracted consciousness. Mass-consciousness of particulate electromagnetic force. They are ominous phenomena; much more subtle, far quieter, yet catastrophically more lethal than mere Aurora Borealis. Rainbow-caused deaths, either from blunt-force trauma or exposure to the deadly radiation that emanates from these malignant phantasms, are disturbingly under-reported (if ever mentioned at all), yet rainbows kill thousands of people every year. And tens of thousands of birds, too, who have the misfortune of flying into a rogue rainbow's path. Crop circles, those "ground zero" results of testing weapons-grade rainbows in secret detonations, remain a sporadic and unpredictable blight on the environment. Consider them best as warning signs.

      How are we either going to harness the energy of rainbows for profit, or kill these things before they kill us?
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  • Jimmy_TomorrowX
    • I work in an IT department and the boss wants to cross train everyone
      Page: 2

      Well, corky, that's because the thread is about the IT job market, and those of us grownups who have had jobs in and around IT for the last decade or two (plus) have watched as our industry has been absolutely decimated through the offshoring of jobs to (mostly) India and the onshoring of cheap foreign replacements from (mostly) India.

      Yes we know it's not the Indians at the top of all this, and at the root of it all we can find the rich (mostly) white CxOs, boardmembers, and of course some jews. But the Indians themselves are what many of us have had to deal with in our day to day jobs as they shit up our workplaces and divide our teams.
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    • >> 03/30/2017 02:16 AM : .
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    • Is X-Pac more loyal to the nWo or Degeneration X?

      This was the famous nWo parody of the Four Horsemen which aired on WCW Nitro on Labor Day 1997. The most hilarious segment I've ever seen on a wrestling program:



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    • I am a vegetarian
      I enjoy vegetarian food as much as a good steak. Different days and moods call for different food.
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    • >> 03/30/2017 02:10 AM : .
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    • Remote Lands
      Take this shit back to CI, or else fucker. We don't play around here like that queer Leland.
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    • >> 03/30/2017 01:57 AM : .
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    • Obama/Clinton Era State Dept. Official Arrested for Selling Secrets for Cash to the Chinese
      first 1/3 excerpt

      Interesting little read about Tony Podesta and a Chinese company ZTE Telecommunications. Tony Podesta is the brother of John Podesta, Hillary's 2016 presidential campaign chairman who also happened to have been Bill Clinton's presidential campaign director. The Clinton/Podesta ties go way back. Does the arrest of OP article on Claiborne, state dept. official hired during President Bill Clinton years and whose crimes occurred during the Hillary Secy of State years, have anything to do with this:


      "Tuesday, March 28, 2017

    • CRIME
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    • >> 03/30/2017 01:53 AM : .
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