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    • How badly is McGregor going to get fucked up by Mayweather?
      Well, if were an MMA fight, he'd win easily. But since it's boxing, and Mayweather has 30 years of that under his belt... Mayweather is going to run and gun all night. If McGregor gets exhausted Mayweather could stop him, even though Mayweather is not a puncher. Sure McGregor could luck out and land a big left or right, he hits much harder than Mayweather, but that isn't likely.

      Both guys know what's up. Mayweather gets a big payday, stays undefeated. McGregor gets a big payday, loses, but everyone knows he fought on the other guy's turf. Mayweather goes back to retirement, and McGregor will probably retire, as he has to be aware that the new owners of the UFC (led by Ari Emanuel) want to (despite all kinds of denials) get rid of the White champs. They want only black and brown champs in the UFC. Emanuel and crew despise McGregor, even though they're putting on a fake show of support. When the new ownership came in, they refused to talk to McGregor (their biggest draw) until he'd taken a leave of absence and set up the Mayweather fight. If I were McMouth, I'd take the money from the Mayweather exhibition and retire - and laugh my ass off at everyone else. :lol:

      How do I know that WME-IMG wants to get rid of White fighters? Because I know someone involved with them and the UFC. And they're working with the same people they dealt with a few years back when the networks asked the UFC to become a bit "darker" and then they'd discuss network contracts, etc. Dana White is lying, soulless piece of shit. :lol:
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    • >> 06/27/2017 11:37 PM : .
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