There are 12 months and 4 days until Donald Trump's inauguration.
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    • Las Vegas 'tards about to get ultra-fucked by NFL stadium welfare-billionaires
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      A bit of humorous news, with the Raiders now officially filing the paperwork to make the move in 2019, they're in violation of their lease agreement with the City of Oakland and the city is free to cancel the existing lease. By leaving the Raiders are sticking the city with $250 million in bond debt from the last stadium remodel so they're talking about jacking the fuck out of Raiders stadium rental prices for the next two years until the Las Vegas stadium is ready. :lol:

      I think $10 million per home game sounds about right. :lol: :lol:
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  • VP_Spiro_T_CheneyX
    • Would you work a job where you have to travel?
      i did it for 2 years. it was great. got to travel to dubai and asia and all over the US. when i wasn't traveling i was staying in a motel.

      the traveling itself didn't get old. not having a permanent place got old. so i got an apartment and got laid off the next month.
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    • I'm trying to watch the new Scorsese picture

      All I need to know is Andrew Garfield is in it. Will NOT be watching. I can't stand that wormy rat-faced KIKE. Mel Gibson even put him in his last movie. Which is another movie I will never watch.
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