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    • Swastika Written In Human Feces Found In Bathroom At RISD

      OP actually did all right by not posting the WHOLE FUCKING ARTICLE which can go on for half the first page of some threads (then the cocksucker freaks when you ask for a short version). See also, point 8 in the Terms of Use.

      The initials are explained within the first post, along with an adequate explanation.

      Save this kind of response for posts where a bunch of letters are thrown out, without disambiguation, that could mean practically anything. i.e. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CPAC . That kind of bullshit goes on way, way too much around here! :thumbup:
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    • I have put Quence on my enemy list

      You always want to give away the old broken down ones. Just like old cars they are unattractive, worn out, have little resale value and they burn a lot of gas.

      You can keep Kendall and beaner Selena, but Dua will not suffer the horrors of being in your harem. Dua will be shared with the world!
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  • NisseX
    • Lunch: grilled ham and cheese from Dunkin Donuts

      They called it the texas toast, and it was nice and buttery, but it was not toasty or crunchy. I was disappointed, but it was ok.

      I had a really nice true toasted grilled ham and cheese, with real grilled ham, at a hole in the wall grungy "deli" in a grungy industrial park a few weeks ago. A place you wouldn't even expect to be there. I went in and saw that the Koreans or whatever they were were working fast and looked like they angrily knew what they were doing. That one was how it is supposed to be. I will go back there sometime.
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    • >> 02/25/2017 05:53 PM : .
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    • Restriction for fucking public represenitives
      No one should be allowed to run for public office of any kind for ten years after they move to a new state. They flea from their fucked up state then run for office to impose their same fucking policies that fucked up the state they just fucking left. If it seems like I'm using the word fuck a lot get with the program or go back the fuck from which you came. Thank you, and fuck off.
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    • Selena Gomez -- this is how rich she is
      She is rumored to have gotten the herp from Biebs. Not much all that money can help with that unless she wants to hire some scientists and doctors to work on the cure.
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    • >> 02/25/2017 05:35 PM : .
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