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    • Thrown under the bus at work, how should I handle?
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      I once attended a meeting where management was considering the outsourcing of our (sacrificial) plating process. It was all conducted in MBA type lingo where they compared the burden rate for our employees versus that (supposedly) of the people who want the business. I pointed out that if our employees PAID US their wages and benefits, their burden rate STILL wouldn't be competitive and perhaps a different fundamental was in play. I was never invited to another of those meetings.
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    • No liquor sales on sunday, Tx
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      Any idea when that happened?

      I went to school in New Haven and remember at partys when booze was getting low they'd make a road trip to NY for booze. When I lived in Hartford, they would do the same to MA. At the time NY was I think 24 hours, MA was till 11. CT was only till 8 and no Sunday.
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  • Jizz DogX
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      Their are tons of these hot young girls out there, and they HATE street-niggers more than the Klan does!

      They would rather be a White mans plaything than a street-niggas woman.
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    • Do you think there are niggers in heaven?
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      Sure there are niggers in heaven- someone's got to fry the chicken, iron the clothes, make the beds, serve the drinks, play the jazz music, and pick the soft, fluffy white cotton off those celestial clouds. Only difference is, in heaven there are no uppity niggers who want to vote, receive wages, or say anything to a white person other than "Yassir" or "Yes Ma'am"
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    • Less than one year ago, I could buy a packet of bacon for $3. Now its $6 or more.
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      Logic much?

      "Prices for pork bellies, the part of a hog from which bacon is produced, have increased about 80 percent this year, and frozen reserves are at a 60-year low. "

      Hogs have been up and down this year. They are up 50% compared to last Nov.

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    • Quo.Murus
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