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    • I think this fat girl is coming on to me. problem is she has bad teeth. I am leaning towards not giving her the time of day.
      I've paid for dental for 3 chicks in my life. The first was my wife's sister. Her teeth were literally black and rotted to the core. I don't know WTF she did, mabye crack or something. It was absolutely disgusting, I couldn't even stand to look at her. She'd open her mouf and you'd want to run. I paid to have them done because there is no way she could ever get a job like that. She ended getting a decent job and still works until today.

      Second chick was a girlfriend of mine. She had 30 cavities and needed braces really, really bad. I sent her to a dentist school to get all the cavities done cheap. Then I paid for brace work in Eastern Europe. 1/3 the cost of the U.S. Third chick was her sister who I just felt bad for, she needed braces really badly too. Nobody in Eastern Europe pays for braces, they just all live with their teeth all over the fucking place. I ended up breaking up with that chick and it was money down the shitter.

      Moral is.. it is cheap to get teeth fixed.
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