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    • NASA to explore valuable, metal space rock worth $10,000 quadrillion

      just think what that wood dew to the commidites market if they cound wrassle that pup into earf orbit ,strip mine the other planets first,i dont really think theres any profit in that approach until we clean up the shit stains down here on the prison planet
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    • I'm seriously thinking of taking up a hobby.
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      Take up a fun hobby that will get you out of the house and get you a little exercise. Fly kites.

      No shit. Fly kites. I started flying kites in my twenties -- two line sport kites, the kind you can have fun with. This got me into 4 line kites which got me into power kites which got me into kitesurfing which got me into skydiving which got me (briefly) into base jumping, all of which made me a lot of friends and got me laid quite a bit.

      You can find relatively inexpensive 2-line starter packs that include most of what you need. Flying those is a lot of fun but I highly recommend getting something like a ~3m power kite (often called "trainer" kites for kitesurfing / kiteboarding etc), this is a much more powerful kite you'll have to muscle around a bit, gives you an excellent workout. Lots of fun.

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