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    • Where do all these idiots come from that support Trump.
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      No, the Tea Party wouldnt fund it. Remember sequestration and govt. shutdown....Trumptards are tea partiers, thus they voted to not have the wall years ago...they are your true traitors. Why should we pay for it? He said we wouldnt but now we are paying more. Fuck you RINO.
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    • >> 02/19/2017 11:23 AM : .
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    • How did i end up spamming the fine good red boards with my worthless shit
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      I thought by repeating some facts over and over again i would change how the shitheads here think about my favourite famous sluts. Seems like it is not working. The phrase "lovely and successful business woman" has not changed how some here view Kim Kardashian. Calling some sheboons hot or pretty has not helped. Some here calls Kendall some nasty things even though i have showed that she is a successful high fashion model.
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    • Updates from Side gig Land. some good some bad
      So, here's what I've done this morning- I approached to gigs no by requiring physical presence. I can basically arrange 2-4 weeks/month of gigging there if I need to.

      I also have a bonus payment coming my way that I'm going to use to bump up my emergency fund.

      Guess I will be ok if I get fired. But, really hope I can extend out my current job for a few years or at least one year while I get more solid plans
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    • >> 02/19/2017 11:02 AM : .
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    • Jourdan Dunn is a nice looking sheboon.
      Here she is with Adriana Lima.


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    • >> 02/19/2017 10:54 AM : Nisse
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