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    • Guys rocking that urban hipster look are nothing more than modern day dandys.
      To all the people in this thread defending the hipsters: Do you actually know one in real life?

      I've met a couple. They are usually former fratboys with their popped collars and topsiders. They graduate college and go for the manbun long beard hipster look.

      Just following the trend, it's only skin deep. They drink craft beers and do yoga because it's trendy and for no other reason. I mean, how can you enjoy BOTH Pabst and an IPA? Doesn't seem geniune.
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    • Craigslist Champs - 24 September 2017
      Good luck. They will definitely need it.

      legitimate trustworthy couple willing to work for rent (riverside)

      Hello I am 31 and my fiance is 21 we are both educated looking for work and a home my girl is getting very broken down due to these streets I want to see her happy and smile again I want to hold her in bed it can be a garage a room anywhere where she can feel at home shower and feel good about herself it is me my two dogs and her we are willing to trade yard work cleaning and chores for rent till I can get a legitimate address so I claim a paycheck it really hard looking for work when you don't have a pot to piss in we are newly homeless we have homeless going on three weeks we do not trade sexual favors we are more respectful then that I am Puerto Rican and she is African American please don't ask for pics too many pick collectors and we are good looking we don't want dirty dudes asking for picks knowing they are just looking for someone to talk to and here you just told them your life story we would like to meet in a public place and see if we click we do not wish to share a room or bed with anyone sorry I am specialize as a chef and marble and granite along with various other construction drywall bathroom remodels and light plumbing please dont suggest i get rid of my dogs or life changing bs it would be moronic to give up someone i know due to someone i dont know i dont need advice or a father figure we just need a little help so we can find work apply for uei college and get back to basics thank you for your time
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    • The Curse of Trump Hate: New Madonna Album Sells Only 3,848 Copies
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      You're still clinging to the idea that her politics are hurting her sales. The faggers and lib tards that like Madonna don't give a shit about her politics. If her albums sales are tanking it's likely that her albums aren't very good rather than her politics. She still makes plenty of money touring. People still want to go and see her lip sync her old stuff.
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